Copyright and Contracts – Copyrighting songs (CIU111.3)

Copyrighting songs is a highly significant aspect of creative media. The content created in creative careers is original intellectual property. This means that it is important for the owners to copyright their work to avoid plagiarism from others, or other people using the work and getting a copyright. In audio, there is a limited number of chord progressions, notes. In places like the U.S, anything released which is creative and unique material is immediately copyright unless disclosed otherwise. However, being an audio student in the U.A.E there are no such laws. So it is important for to copyright my original work so they are under protection and cannot be plagiarized without penalty.

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Copyright issues have been a problem for years, however in modern times its more of an issue than ever. This is because of the internet and sites that can detect plagiarized work and similar sounding material. This is also an issue when people use that work as to make money without getting permission or having a license to use that work. I have learnt the importance of copyright and how it plays a major role in the industry. It is important to know the laws where ever you are creating original content or using other peoples work, and knowing what is needed to obtain permission to use that work. Copyright may seem basic, but there are in depth rules to how it works and when its applied. Not holding it of high importance is risky as in some places copy right infringement gets punished and the consequences are severe. Anyone creating original work should always keep this in mind and go to lawyers for assistance if necessary, it may seem like extra work, yet it is a necessity that can have a major impact if not taken seriously.



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